University of Saskatchewan Engineering Students' Fund

Download application forms, meet the current council, and learn more about the USESF's budget and operations.


USESF currently oversees the following funds:

  1. University of Saskatchewan Engineering Students' Fund 
  2. Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan 
  3. Stan Nakrayko Engineering Extracurricular Student Group Project Support 
  4. Engineering Undergraduate Experiential Learning 

USESF Round 2 Applications are OPEN

USESF Available Funds


APEGS Available Funds



2) Fill out an application form.
3) Create a budget.
4) Monitor your email inbox for the council's response.
5) If your funding is confirmed, move to Phase Two.

Applications Deadline

February 22, 2023


For the USESF Council

Organization, appointing members, and codes of conduct:

For Applicants

Assessment criteria, eligibility, and reimbursement procedures:

For Tutoring Applicants

If applying for individual academic tutoring reimbursement, fill out this form as your 'budget.'

Current USESF Council






SESS President Kasey Burgess Chair
Executive Assistant to the Dean Hilary Balaberda Secretary
Design Team Leader Dylan Bauman Member USBT
Design Team Leader Arliss Sidloski Member USST
Design Team Leader David Baik Member HFR
Discipline Society/Professional Association Leader Shanleigh McKeown Member EnvESS
Discipline Society/Professional Association Leader Nolan Wiens Member MESA
Discipline Society/Professional Association Leader Alex Bechtold Member IEEE
Discipline Society/Professional Association Leader Taylor Voth Member ChESS
SESS Executive Representative Jesse Aguirre Member SESS
Undergraduate Student Representative Kenneth Rohatensky  Member
Undergraduate Student Representative Jack Grad  Member

USESF Council Minutes

To uphold the USESF's core value of transparency, the minutes for every USESF Council meeting will be published and archived for all students' viewing.

The Benefits of the USESF

The USESF strengthens student groups.

More funds available means that student groups and discipline societies can broaden their goals, achieve larger things, and become even more competitive.

  • Better materials, technology, and investment for project builds
  • Reimbursment travel to competitions, events, and conferences
  • Larger budget for hosting events (fancier venues, inviting special guests, etc.)
  • Starting new student groups and societies

The USESF supports individuals.

However, you don't need to be involved in extracurriculars or student leadership to benefit from the fund. The USESF is accessible and unbiased towards individual applications, and so any student can utilize it.

  • Free/affordable tutoring and academic aid
  • Reimbursement for travel costs to engineering conferences and delegate fees
  • Valuable professional networking opportunities
  • Anything else that would support you in your academic and professional development as a uSask engineer

The USESF can change our college.

As the interest begins to build, future engineering students could use the USESF to:

  • Refurbish student lounges, computer labs, the library, and the general college
  • Hire more academic advisors, mental health staff, professors, and support staff
  • Strengthen the reputation of uSask engineering

Any questions?

Check out the FAQ!

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