Final Exam Tutorial Schedule/Posted Material

The SESS is in the process of setting up final exam tutorials to help you prepare for your final exams. Here is an up-to-date schedule. Be sure to check it regularly as all updates will be posted here.

Chem 114 Final Tutorial
Date: Saturday December 6
Time: 6pm-9pm
Location: Engineering 1B71

GE 111 Final Tutorial
Date: Tuesday December 9
Time: 1pm-4pm
Location: Physics 103

GE 124 Final Tutorial
Tutorial Slides
Date: Friday December 12
Time: 6pm-9pm
Location: Engineering 2C02

Math 123 Final Tutorial
Date: Saturday December 13
Time: 2pm-5pm
Location: Physics 107

EE 204 Final Tutorial
Date: Sunday December 14
Time: 12pm-3pm
Location: Physics 103

CMPT 111/116 Final Tutorial
Date: Monday December 15
Time: 1pm-4pm
Location: Physics 103

Math 223 Final Tutorial 
To be announced.

Want a printable final exam tutorial schedule? Check this out: Final Exam Tutorial Schedule Calendar

If you have any questions regarding final exam tutorials, please contact

FAQ Page Updated: Careers

We have updated the career information on the FAQ page of our website. It can be found under the About Us tab at the top of our website. Or you can find it here:

How do I find Engineering jobs and plan my career?
The Student Employment and Career Centre provides services to current students and alumni to help them transition from education to career. Visit the SECC website for more information on services and programs that might be of interest to you.

The SECC’s job posting system, CareerLink, is a great place to look for summer, part-time, volunteer and full-time jobs. Set up specific search criteria that match your interest area and sign up to receive an email notification each time a new job that matches your criteria is posted.

On-campus Recruitment
Engineering employers recruit on campus in September and in January. Employers can start hiring in September for jobs that begin the following summer! Campus Career Expo, the largest multi-discipline career fair on campus, happens the third Wednesday of September. Many Engineering employers will be at Expo, so be sure to go to this event.Watch the SECC calendar of events for employer information sessions which usually take place in September and January. Attend these sessions to meet with recruiters, learn more about companies and find out what employment opportunities are out there.

Your Resume – Make it work for you
Your resume is one of your first opportunities to market yourself to employers. Get involved on campus and in your community by becoming a member of the SESS, volunteering, attending conferences and participating in a variety of activities. This will help build your resume and help set you apart from other students who are applying for the same jobs as you are. Remember, employers hire from multiple universities, so you want your resume to stand out! Consider attending a ResumeTalk session at the SECC to have someone look over your resume and cover letter.

Engineering Professional Internship Program (EPIP)
Do you have limited work experience? Participate in the Engineering Professional Internship Program (EPIP) to gain 8, 12 or 16 months of professional engineering work experience. EPIP is a great way to get work experience in the engineering industry, earn a competitive salary, build your resume and gain credit hours towards your P.Eng designation. Students may apply between their third and forth year of study. Check the College of Engineering website for details on EPIP and important deadlines.

Final Exam Tutorials

The SESS will be hosting final exam tutorial sessions for the following classes for December final exams:

GE 111, GE 124, Chem 114, Math 123, Math 223

Details for these tutorials will be released soon and posted on our website. Discipline societies wishing to set up tutorials should fill out SESS Tutorial Request Form and send to

If you have any questions regarding tutorials, feel free to contact

November Math Tutorials

The SESS will be hosting another tutorial session for Math 123 to help you prepare for your upcoming midterm. The tutorial will be:

Math 123
Date: Tuesday, November 18
Time: 6pm-9pm
Location: Physics 107
Instructor: Eric Peach

There will also be a Math 223 Tutorial:

Math 223
Date: Sunday, November 23

Time: 1pm-4pm
Location: ENGR 2C40
Instructor: Wes Ridgeway

If you have any questions, feel free to contact

AGM Agenda

Hey Everyone,

The SESS’ annual general meeting is taking place on Tuesday, November 4th at 6:00 p.m. in room 2C40. This is an opportunity for students in the college to have an input into the policy and constitution of the SESS, as well as receive updates from the society.

Members and non-members alike are welcome, and free food will be available for all who attend. Members, please remember to bring your membership card to have voting rights during the meeting.

A link to the agenda for this year AGM Agenda Nov 4 2014  is attached. Hope to see you all there

Council Secretary


Saskatoon Engineering Competition 2014 Registration Now Open

Saskatoon Engineering Competition will take place Saturday, 1 November from 8:30AM to 5:00PM. Registration is now available. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Saskatoon Engineering Competition, it is an annual event held at the College of Engineering where students compete in one of seven competitions that test the participants’ design, consulting, creativity and communication skills which are important to the Engineering profession.

Winners of the competition receive cash prizes and are eligible to compete in the Western Engineering Competition 2015, the regional competition which will be held in January 2015 at University of British Columbia.

This year the SEC Competitions are:

  • Junior Design
  • Senior Design
  • Innovative Design
  • Impromptu Debate
  • Consulting Engineering
  • Re-Engineering
  • Engineering Communication

A more detailed description of the competitions is available here.

Registration forms are available on the “brown thing”, the shelf in the Engineering Student Lounge. Registration costs $15 per person, which includes lunch at Louis’. Forms are due back to the SESS office by 24 October. If you have any questions about the competition, please feel free to drop by the SESS office or send an email to the SEC Coordinator at

We’re Back Online! (And out of office this week)

Thanks everyone for your patience as we rinse out the remaining bugs from our site. We have reinstalled all the software, removed a bunch of clutter, and trained our staff on how the IT stuff works.

This week the SESS is undergoing renovations to our office and store. Our executive will still be maintaining office hours, however they will be stationed in the lounge near the E Store window. They are still more than happy to assist you with store sales and general information!

As always, if you feel out of the loop because of the I.T. outage or for any other reason, please drop by the “field office” in the lounge, send any of us an email or feel free to browse the website once again!


Eric Peach
–Website Commissioner

NCWIE Applications

Applications for the National Conference on Women in Engineering are now out!

As NCWIE is being hosted by our university this year we will be sending 15 delegates this year!

Applications can be found on the brown thing and are due Oct 8th at 5PM in the VP External mailbox in the SESS office.