Commissioner Applications

APPLICATION FORM: commissioner_application2015_2016

The Saskatoon Engineering Students’ Society needs you! Various commissioner positions are now available for the 2015-2016 academic year. Every year we thrive because of the support of the people who get involved and help their college and fellow students through becoming a commissioner. For that reason, I would encourage you to apply!

Commissioner applications for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year are now being accepted. You can find the application form in the office, on the brown thing in the lounge, and attached to this email. Hand it in to the SESS Office before 4:30pm on Wednesday April 1, 2015.

As a commissioner, you will have the opportunity to organize tutorials or events like Pi-Throw, run the lounge or the Tank, or create publications like the yearbook. Check out the attached document to see all of the available commissioner positions. For more information, check out the SESS Policy Manual SESS Policy Manual 2015-3-13

If you have any questions, feel free to ask any SESS Executive or email

SESS Elections 2015: By-Election Candidates’ Platforms

Here are the minutes from the SESS By-Election Forum: By-Election Forum Minutes

Vice President of Corporate Relations

Layla Bekkaoui

Hi everyone! My name is Layla Bekkaoui and I am campaigning to be your VP Corporate Relations next year. I am home grown from the city of Saskatoon and I am in my second year of Mechanical Engineering. I hope to bring some great new ideas and new corporate relationships to the SESS next year!


-As your VP corporate relations I hope to raise funds for events that will take place in the new school year

-I will keep our current relations with industry strong while broadening our reach to new sponsors

-I will keep you up to date with informative weekly issues of the Eng-Info and make the Eng-Info more accessible to everyone

-I will keep you informed with what is going on with Saskatoon Engineering Society and their events

-I will communicate effectively with the Charity Commissioner and the Career Development Commissioner


-I have been working a job in finance for over a year

-I was on the student council in high school and was a member several committees

-I will have completed two years of classes with a full course load


-I have taken a professional communications class and I know how to communicate effectively.

-I am bilingual in English and French

-I am well organized and manage time well

I am a very positive and outgoing person and I will bring a lot to the table as your VP Corporate Relations. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at or stop me in the hall, I’m always happy to listen!

Aldo Scribante

Hello, I am Aldo Scribante and I am currently running for VP Corporate Relations. I am currently a first year in the college of engineering. I hope to bring a new, innovative perspective to a position that is still in many ways in its infancy. With a firm, committed hand I will grow this position and in turn grow our noble college.


Sno-Golf commissioner


  • As the VP corporate relations I hope to at least double the current number of sponsors.
  • I will keep the Eng-Info coming out and make sure to get you the updates that matter.
  • I hope to build lasting relationships with new corporate sponsors and make sure that we keep the old ones in good standing.
  • I will make sure to find a bar that provides discounts that would make any true engineer proud.

By focusing on these core needs of the college, funding, a steady and dependable source of information, and a place to unwind from the stresses of being an engineer the college, and its students, will be more successful.

Vice President of Administration

Matt Hill

Hello there fellow students, my name is Matthew Hill and I would like to be your next VP Admin!

I am a returning first year student. Like many of our friends we set out with this year I found engineering to be a tough experience and made the choice to take the Christmas bailout in the 2012-2013 year. Taking the next year and a bit off gave me a chance to think hard about whether engineering was the right choice for me, it also gave me a chance to take a good look from the inside of the oil and gas industry at how I could help contribute as an engineer if I were to continue my education. I chose to come back to university because I feel have the skill and ability, just like you, to become an engineer and make a significant contribution to our future.

I would like to contribute by bringing my skills and commitment to the SESS executive.

There are a couple of things I’d like to accomplish:

  • Improve student group representation in campus publications
  • Improve SESS service awareness and membership benefits
  • Update the online policy manual to a professional grade
  • Streamline e-mail communication
  • Help in the development of the endowment fund

Why you should choose me to represent you:

I have been an active member of the SESS in both my first attempt and this school year:

  • Rocket Director for Spectrum 2013
  • First Year Council Representative (2014-2015)

I have diverse real world experience in administration:

  • Created a marketing strategy for a CoreData Inc., a computer software engineering firm in Calgary AB for their project management software CoreProject.
  • Ran my own business, MACC Tech, which built and sold modified cars.
  • I play a significant role in managing the family farm.


  • With me you can count on clear and direct communication, whether face to face, on the phone, or over e-mail.
  • Personable and easy to work with


  • To me leading means finding a way to develop the best traits of those you lead
  • I lead by example

Brutally long hours, punishing work conditions, incredible teammates, and about a thousand cigarettes taught me one thing:

If you’re going to do something do it right, and with everything you’ve got.

You deserve to have someone with that attitude working for you, and that’s what you’ll get out of me.

Hope to see you at the bi-election forum this thursday at 5:30 in the Eng lounge!

Jisoo Lee

Hi, my name is Jisoo Lee and I am running for the Vice-President Administration position.

I am currently finishing my second year of Mechanical Engineering. Throughout my time in engineering I have been able to manage a full course load in addition to my part time job. Back in high school I worked two part time jobs and still graduated top of my class. These examples shows how dedicated and committed I am to any position I am working in.

I have a variety of skills I can bring to this position:

  • People Skills: Working in the service industry I have dealt with many people and learnt how to communicate effectively and efficiently with people with different types of communicating styles.
  • Time management/organization skills: As I mentioned above, I have maintained relatively high averages throughout high school and university while spending my time outside of class working. This is the result of prioritizing numerous tasks and setting up constructive schedules.

With these skills at my disposal, I am confident I am a strong candidate for this position.

As VP Admin. I would like to:

  • Fulfill all the duties and responsibilities of VP admin.
  • Communicate with other student groups/commissioners in an organized manner.
  • Fill up all of the commissioner positions under VP Admin. with excellent


  • First year representative (2014)
  • Various extracurricular activities in high school, such as Student Representative Council and Yearbook club.

I am very excited for this opportunity and would be more than happy to be your Vice-President Administration and provide all the services I can offer.

Pi-Throw 2015

Hello SESS Members,

Pi Throw 2015 is among us and we want you to participate!

Purchase a pie for $10 (or more) donation and send it anywhere in Saskatoon from March 16th-18th!  All funds raised are in support of Canadian Tire Jumpstart and our local Engineers Without Borders chapter.

We are still looking for volunteers! If you would like to participate in this fun event please contact Lauren at or visit the Saskatoon Engineering Student’s Society office located in the Engineering Building.

Please see the attached poster for information on how to order a pie!!

-Donating Never Tasted So Sweet-


Student Activities Funding

Hello Student Activities Funding Applicants,

Good news! Your applications have been officially approved by the Dean’s Office, and you are eligible to receive your funding now!

In order to receive this funding, submit an invoice and receipts equal or greater to the amount of funding approved to the SESS office. I will review these reimbursement forms then forward them on to the Dean’s Office.

Check turn around is around 1-2 weeks so the sooner you get in your receipts and invoices, the sooner you can receive funding for your group!

Have a good week everyone.

March Midterm Tutorials

Class Date Time Location
Physics 155 Saturday, March 14 1pm – 4pm Physics 107
Math 124 Sunday, March 15 1pm – 4pm Physics 107
Math 224 Sunday, March 22 12pm – 3pm Physics 107

Be sure to check this post if anything changes. Please direct questions to

Surath Gomis was kind enough to make his Math 124 tutorial slides available here: MATH 124 Tutorial MT 2

SESS Elections 2015: Results

Total voters: 128

Vice-President Events
Joshua Karpyshyn 96
No Confidence 14
Abstain 18

Vice-President Logistics
Joseph Kwag 41
Chennoa Tracey 69
No Confidence 6
Abstain 12

Vice-President External Affairs
Mitch Cassidy 113
No Confidence 8
Abstain 7

Vice-President Finance
Brailyn Johnsgaard 114
No Confidence 6
Abstain 8

Vice-President Student Affairs
Jamie Labrecque 105
No Confidence 11
Abstain 12

Ben Fahlman 41
Jeffrey Toppings 78
No Confidence 2
Abstain 7

Student Activities Funding

Hello Student Activities Fund Applicants,

After the last Board of Directors meeting, the Board has approved the funding spread for the Student Activities Fund.  This spread has been sent to the Dean’s Office to be approved, and each applicant will be notified of the official funds that are eligible for them to receive once the spread has been approved.

When this official approval is sent out, each applicant will be asked to turn in an invoice and receipts equal or greater to the amount approved. These receipts should be turned into the SESS office or directly to the VP Finance who will review them and forward them to the Dean’s Office. Once the Dean’s Office has reviewed the receipts and invoice, they will write a cheque for the approved funding.

Cheque turn-around from the Dean’s Office usually takes 1-2 weeks.


Stay tuned for further information regarding funding!